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The Story of the Unknown Soldier:
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

An impassioned veteran embarks back in time on a long-suffering military experience and the unexpected transition thereafter through the eyes of a meek and humble woman. She must come to embrace the life she now lives in sickness and health in remarkable ways through everything surrounding her.


By the time it came for her to have a military medical evaluation, she really wasn’t feeling up to it given the extent of how she felt that entire month. After the doctors did their evaluation and sent off the report, she waited upon the final decision. An Army Evaluation Liaison Officer contacted her months later regarding her evaluation status.

Who am I?

A champion of adversity that keeps a positive outlook on life. I am an Army veteran, LGBTQ member, and a breast cancer thriver (10-year remission with 9 years to go). While going through many phases of adversity at once, I dabbled in water aerobics, old board games, and tried to write my first book time after time. I obtained two Associate degrees but I never got the chance to put them to use. I didn’t give up so I founded VIE by NIQ, LLC. A fashion movement that meets you where you are with love, hope, light, and spiritual goodness.

How did I get here?

I have had my share of facing adversity and I still do, but through it all, I always choose to keep my head lifted high to the sky where I draw my strength from. While serving my country, I have heard many times that I was supposed to be dead. My military time was cut short due to many ailments. Despite what I heard or faced during my military journey and thereafter, I chose not to be a product or be reduced by adversities. I knew then that I had a purpose-driven life and that the world needed to hear my story.

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